Art for VNs

Matty makes backgrounds and some art for Visual Novels. All the work is free for free games. He cannot draw. The process is to collect images from Upsplash (or other free pic sites) and combine multiple images to create a unique picture – filtered and colored to meet the mood of the game or scene.

VN: “Fallen Angel”

Day, evening, and night.
This is 5 images blended to make the BG:

Also a meme: “Emi and Miki on an evening run”

Here’s the Process…

Matty I need a school roof!
(VN: “President Natsuki: DDLC mod”)
10 min of image hunting on upsplash (or other free pic sites):

Make it look like a school roof and flip it for best ‘feel’:

Needs a door…

Make 4 copies and give each a different filter. Then start reassembling them by reducing opacity and deleting areas on each layer. filter and blend:

Image hunt: sky

2 copies and separate ground and sky with heavy feather, so that they will overlap later + filter ground:

Sky filter(s) and blend with ground:

Combine sky and ground, and add some Sprites for context.
Emi and Rin:

doctor em up good and nice.
And finished…

Natsuki’s College Dorm room

(Also doctored Natsuki’s expression)

(this is the before image)


Art and BGs

A LOT more and will get em posted soon (TM)