Here’s Matty’s memes…

Spooktober #1 (Catsuki / Weresuki)
Spooktober #2 (Sayorimummy)
Spooktober #3 (Elvyuri)
Spooktober #4 (Cthulika / Monibus)
Very surprised I’m the 1st to do this…
The moment Misha became useless for the rest of the day
Monika comforts Lucy
I took Rin to the Beach
This still make me LOL, and I’m not sure why (from my KS: Hanako vid).
Crew for my World of Tanks t-43 (KS)
I have the 122mm derp-tastic cannon on this little menace.
So I put the appropriate KS characters as the crew:

Tank Commander: Emi – it a peppy little tank with a positive attitude and “can-do” spirit.
Gunner: Kenji – the 122 can’t hit sh*t unless you’re at knife fighting range, and then it either deletes what it hits… or their track eats all the damage.
Driver: Misha – it’s not a quick tank , but once it gets going it goes – and has a lot of torque. Don’t be in its way.
Loader: Rin – its almost a 10 second reload. That doesn’t sound like a long time, but at point blank range when you’re reloading, people are eager to kill the tank with the short gun that shoots BIG rounds.
Some sprite doctoring practice.
The CORRECT choice!
“Yuuko’s Path”
(There’s also a lewd one…)
What I remember as to why I joined the Literature Club…
Tru Dat.
This was a Background I made and the Dokis worked perfectly in it…

Click here for the “Kinda Lewd” memes (suggested nudity).

I have A LOT more and will get em posted soon (TM)