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(neko) is the most domesticated and tallest of the 3 Nekos. She is kind, pleasant, and unintentionally very sexy. She notices everything, but often stays out of the way, knowing when is the best time to appear and be where she is needed. She is softer and curvier than Pepper and Shimi – a very nice hourglass. She has long blond hair with hidden braids and scrunchies, a thick blond tail, and green eyes, and wears a simple sundress and socks. She is also the oldest of the group. Her pedigree is Norwegian Forest / Maine Coon Cat


(neko) is domesticated but spry, young, sassy, prideful, and a cold-efficient hunter. Pepper has a “spark”, a “I’m naughty, and I’m about to get into trouble” attitude. Mischief! The cat that wants your attention and gets it by knocking stuff over. She hunts rats with a hammer. She is the shortest of the Nekos, but not short. She is very athletic in build / inverted triangle. She has short hair in browns, tans, and golds; dark skin, and bright gold eyes. She wears a camisole and a skirt. A bit Tsundere. Her pedigree is Tortie-shorthair.


(neko) is feral, and so has always avoided humans and is non-verbal. She got hit by a car, and it took all her spirit out of her. She has an injured arm and tail and missing a fang (tooth). She is blind in one eye. Stoic and alert, she is complex: distant, and quietly intense – at times meek but still curious. Her build is supermodel slender, she has very dark hair, pale skin, and one blue eye. She is almost naked when found, and later appears in just a tshirt. Barefoot. A little older than Pepper and a bit Dandere/Kuudere.


(human) is the best friend. He has a big mouth that seems to curve up and down at the same time. He is a confident prankster and good looking. He wears a shirt with small collar and light jacket.


(human) is the x-girlfriend. She is practical and all-business. She has a edge, but also a soft tender side.


(human) is the neighbor. She is a sweet girl who sometimes gets nervous and second-guesses herself. She is an artist and very disorganized. She has medium length curly hair that she ties up and out of the way, and wears glasses. ‘Ronika is someone that “cleans up nice!” in appearance.

The Waitress

(human) is a fun and sarcastic girl with a quick sense of humor. Her white hair is stylish with a big pink streak on one side. She is very petite, has a sideways smile, and turquoise eyes.

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