Story Notes & Game Mechanics

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These are NOT people with cat ears. These are very clever beings in mostly human bodies. “What would your cat do if it had opposable thumbs and access to your wardrobe?” OmO Nekos are mischievous and prone to base impulses.

OmOnekos are sentient beings (like a sentient cat) that strongly resemble humans biologically, except for a tail and the ears of a cat. Their behavior is very different to humans. They have simple base impulses and bore easily. OmOnekos have no interest in human society, but live in an almost parallel world of their own within human towns and cities. They tend to be solitary.

Most can speak and understand some human language, but if they do not understand the context of what is being said, they will largely ignore the conversation. They likely could learn to read and write, but seemingly have no patience or interest. They are capable of making sounds beyond the range of human hearing, and it’s believed much of their own language happen in this range – but the complexity of their conversation is not known. Most OmOnekos are born female, so males are rare, and tend to be lazy and aloof, with huge territories that they do not bother defending.

OmOnekos are considered very clever, but how intelligent they are is debated. They wear clothes, which they acquire from rummaging through donation boxes. They are often considered a nuisance – and are frequently hit by cars. They are tolerated as their diet largely consist of small/med dog- sized rats (which have taken over all subway and sewers) – which they hunt; and in doing so, largely keep in check.

They tend to live in abandoned places and make-shift shelters. Unfortunately they are (sometimes) responsible for starting fires, as they prefer their meals cooked, and use whatever is available. Some are kept as “pets”, but its more like having a roommate that wears your clothes, eats your food, and does very little (if any) of the chores. Human / OmOneko DNA is incompatible, so no shared offspring are possible. But inter-species physical “relationship” do happen. These are usually confided taboo by many.

Game Play
Choices will have multi steps to better define players intent.

Every route (Clawdia, Pepper, Shimi) has a good, neutral, and bad ending.
One end for each can be attained in the same game.

Neutral endings will dovetail to DLC expansions.

Veronica and Waitress routes as DLC.

Paper-doll dress up mini game (optional – choice).

Game mechanics
A more complex choice system.
[Lie] [Truth]
would shortly after have a 2nd choice of
[sugar coat] [sternly]
so that players intention is better defined, and each OmOneko personality will respond very differently to the choices. The results are that the choic e can be refined to Lie but for good reasons – the stray might appreciate it if you’re telling her it will be ok, when bad shit is happening. Likewise, Pepper might ignore you if you are not stern.

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