And suddenly Shimi’s at the end of the sofa.

She’s pressing one hand to the sofa and then pulling it up, and pressing the other hand to the sofa – almost like she’s massaging it.

Her eye is closed tight, and occasionally when she half opens it, her gaze is far away and vague. Her breath is full and deep, and she’s making a soft gasp-like humming, both as she breathes in-and-out.

Her hands are moving along the sofa getting closer and closer to where I’m sitting… kneading the sofa cushion…

Left hand press, right hand up.
Right hand press, left hand up.

Closer… Humming… moving closer…  

[Shimi: uhhhh… mmmffff…]  

I’m frozen solid unsure how to react to this intimacy.

This is an alien.
This is an other being.
And it’s enraptured in its own kind of alien ecstasy that has taken over her.

And she’s it bringing to me.  

There is a yearning knot in my stomach.  
It feels like there are three of us here.
Shimi, her heat, and me.

It is almost as if she was on fire and it was giving her great pleasure, and the closer she gets to the spot where I’m sitting only makes the flames burn brighter and more intense…

Her hands are next to my thigh now.


Massaging the sofa cushion next to me.
The whole time her head moving closer to mine.  

[Shimi: uhhhooo… muhhhh…]  

Her lips moving closer to my face.
Her small breast heaving rhythmically to as her lungs inflate to their fullest near overflowing, and then completely empty, releasing her hot breath on me.  

This is a passion, unmistakable in its meaning.
I find my breath matching hers; deep, heady, near overwhelming…
I am caught in an undertow.
I am being swept far from the shore.  

I find my passion matching hers; as if an infection that has entered me and is taking over. Welling up. Near the brim. Near overflowing.   I have no idea how to deal with this…

I have never been this aroused before.

…and before I know it, her lips find mine.  
It’s not a kiss.
It’s simply her slightly parted lips touching, slightly pressing mine, and her breath filling my mouth and my lungs – As she breaths out, I breathe her in.

Her hands are now pressing on my thigh and my chest.

There is heat coming off of them, and each touch sends a wave through my body that I feel in my toes.  


The knot in my stomach moving lower into my groin and growing through my torso. Despite feeling like my entire body is breathing, I cannot seem to catch my breath.  

Her lips…
Her breath…
Her heat…  

My hands are in her hair.
Gently but firmly holding handfuls of her, I press into her lips and she responds. Massaging my chest now,
I can feel her nails pressing on me in a near desperation.

Shimi moves herself onto my lap.  
It feels like her body is on fire.  

I’ve passed into a different world where time does not exist. Only Shimi, me, and her heat exist. And I’ve lost where I end, and they begin.

As just as quickly, Shimi rises up and rushes out of the room.