Sprite Artist Needed!

My game-sprite artist has disappeared.

It’s heartbreaking. The current development of the characters is perfect for the story, and we worked a long time to get them where they are. But she was having serious real-life issues, and after months of no-contact, I have to find someone to continue the game sprite art.

After you read this page and see what we’re looking for, if you are interested please contact me via link below.

Neko visual novel.

Intent: a free base game with inexpensive DLC and expansions.

A romance, with comedy, and a fresh take on ‘neko persona’. Also a dark underlying sub-plot that’s explored in expansions.

Act one script is near completion and has been very well received by those who have seen it. We’ve already received fan-art and offers to translate at no charge (which is really motivating!)

Dev Plan: finish the storyrough script then bring in other writers to flesh-out each of the 3 base game paths giving fresh and deeper perspective to the established personalities.


The project is myself (writer / director) and 2 artist:
Game-Sprites Artist (position available),
– Menu-Sprites Artist (position filled).
We have several coders, and a bunch of other VN devs ready to support as well.


I’m funding all expenses out of pocket.

My Background:

I have been involved making backgrounds, sprite-doctoring, and as a continuity editor in making VNs. I also make deep-dive reviews of VNs that are awesome!
Vids and some of my VN work are available here on this website.


The previous sprite-artist had some issues with proportions, but was exceptional with eyes and expressions:

We’re looking for someone who can really bring the characters to life, EITHER through continuing the existing art style (preferred), OR introducing a fresh style that captures subtle nuance and emotions.

Sprites must be uniquely identifiable as “OmOneko style” through Emulation of the current concepts. or Unique Perspective.

– Clawdia’s deep kindness and confident innocence.
(see her character game-sketch here)
– Pepper’s sas and mischief.
– Shimi’s pensive curiosity, and quiet intensity.
(see her rough concept game-sprite here)

Please note the style of the eyes and mouth!

I’m not a fan of small poofs of hair coming out of a neko’s ears – it looks cartoonish to me.
The menu-sprites on the site are WIPs, and we plan to adjust them to the final game-sprites – so do not use them as a guide!

Initial Job:

Contact me and show me examples of your work.

If your style is a match to the story, I’ll ask you to: – Read act one – Pick a character and create a sprite that you think captures the character or captures a moment in the story. If you are an artist who charges (most do, so I expect it), I’ll of course pay you. I pay half up front, and the balance on completion. Once we’re established, I’ll pay fully up front for any future work.

Team Member:

Main game: If you get the job, expect to be an integral core to the project. You will create a suite of sprites (poses, outfits, and expressions) for 4 main, 3 secondary, and, 2-3 incidental characters. If you do CGs and BGs, and want to do those as well, there will be that opportunity also.

Expansions: A lot more work!

Contact via Discord:
Mattyd (MacDaddyMatty.com)#8358