Sprite Design Mechanics

For OmOneko, we’re looking at 1-3 basic body poses for each character sprite, and 12+ variations for each pose. To keep you from having to do 100 sprites, there is an easy and less-conventional way to accomplish this: LAYERS

Sprite Format

(Shizune from Katawa Shoujo)
(Pepper without/with eye/ear sets)

We’ll need final products as individual transparent layers as listed below.

1: (bottom layer) white of eyes 
2: Iris/pupil layer
3: Face/nose/head *
4: Ears (as appropriate)
5: Tails (as appropriate – multiple)
4: Sprite base (nude) Body: legs/torso/neck (minus arms)
5. Mouths (multiple)
6: Eyebrows
7: Arms (multiple)
8: Clothes
9: (top layer) Hair Please do full hair, I’ll crop out any parts hidden when we layer on the bodies.

* eyes are transparent holes.
The exception to this is “closed eyes” would be a layer between face and eyebrows.

Alternately, eyes can be done as their own layer (like mouths) if the you prefer (but then we’ll need multiple sets of eyes).

Doing it this way will allow me to create a near infinite number of sprites by making changes in Photoshop (like tilted or swapping / flipping heads, and etc).
This will save the artists a lot of time, as I’m doing the work making alternates.

Pepper pose #2 ‘sprite sheet’:

This allows the game engine to create multiple versions of the character with out needing hundreds of assets.

Pepper Sprite Video: