Sprite Design Mechanics

For OmOneko, we’re looking at 4-6 basic body poses for each character sprite, and 12+ variations for each pose. To keep you from having to do 100 sprites, there is an easy and less-conventional way to accomplish this: LAYERS

Sprite Format

(Shizune from Katawa Shoujo)
Notice at 0:16 with her arms as a separate LAYER, the neat affects that can be created.

I will need final products as individual transparent layers as listed below.

1: (bottom layer) white of eyes 
2: Iris/pupil layer
3: Face/nose/head *
4: Ears (as appropriate)
5: Tails (as appropriate – multiple)
4: Sprite base (nude) Body: legs/torso/neck (minus arms)
5. Mouths (multiple)
6: Eyebrows
7: Arms (multiple)
8: Clothes
9: (top layer) Hair Please do full hair, I’ll crop out any parts hidden when we layer on the bodies.

* eyes are transparent holes.
The exception to this is “closed eyes” would be a layer between face and eyebrows.

Alternately, eyes can be done as their own layer (like mouths) if the you prefer (but I do need multiple sets of eyes).

Doing it this way will allow me to create a near infinite number of sprites by making changes in Photoshop (like tilted or swapping / flipping heads, and etc).
This will save the artists a lot of time, as I’m doing the work making alternates.

Some Artist final touch-up may be needed depending on how radical my changes are, especially with ears / arms.